IAIK-CMS with S/MIMEv3 is a library for the Java™ platform that implements the IETF approved CMS (Cryptographic Message Synatx, RFC 5652), S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions Version 3, RFC 5751) and ESS (Enhanced Security Services for S/MIME, RFC 2634, RFC 5035) protocols.


The IAIK [CP]AdES toolkit abstracts the creation and verification of signed PDF documents and CAdES signatures. The structure of the toolkit is highly similar to a typical signature engine in the JCA/JCE framework and allows you to easily create signatures compliant to the PAdES and CAdES specifications by using dedicated parameter classes. The official ETSI website providing these specifications can be found here.


IAIK XML Security Toolkit (XSECT) implements the upcoming APIs for the Java™ platform

XML Digital Signatures APIs for the Java™ platform
XML Digtial Encryption APIs for the Java™ platform

as specified by the Java™ Specification Request JSR#105 and JSR#106 respectively.


IAIK XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES) add-on for XML Security Toolkit (XSECT)

IAIK-XAdES is the optimal add-on to our XSECT XML signature library enhancing it about useful properties as signing time and signing place and signature processing facilities for long term electronic document archiving. The toolkit enables the creation of advanced electronic signatures that remain valid over a long period of time and are compliant with the EU directive on electronic signatures.


IAIK-JAdES is a library for the Java™ platform that implements ETSI's JAdES specification (TS 119 182-1 V1.1.1), which is built on the IETF approved JWS (JSON Web Signature, RFC 7515).

Given the ever incresaing popularity of JSON as format for storing and transfering data, JSON Web Signatures gain more and more importance for protecting the integrity of JSON formatted data. The IAIK-JAdES toolkit not only allows to sign and verify data according to the JSON Web Signature (JWS) standard (RFC 7515), it also supports advanced electronic signatures according to the ETSI JAdES (TS 119 182-1 V1.1.1) profile. Thus IAIK-JAdES is the perfect tool for signing your daily JSON transations as well as sealing documents for the purpose of long term archival.