IAIK High-Level API

IAIK High-Level API

This is a software library written solely in the Java™ Programming Language. Developers can use and integrate it as a JAR file. It offers a simple API for key management, digital signatures and encryption, supporting CMS, S/MIME and XML. Beside ease of use, this product offers high data throughput. It is especially suitable for server applications, but it is not restricted to this kind of applications.

Main Features

This library supports a variety of features. The most important are

  • Exceptionally simple API
    • Supporting the most common use-cases
    • Easy integration with more comprehensive libraries
  • High-performance
    • Processing of data on-the-fly (stream processing)
    • Minimum memory footprint
    • High throughput
  • Key management
    • Import of private key files in PKCS#12, PFX and Java™ key store format
    • Generation of key-pairs, self-signed certificates and certificate signing requests
    • Export of private keys in PKCS#12 and PFX format




  • Digital signatures
    • Create and verify CMS and PKCS#7 signatures
    • Create and verify S/MIME signatures
    • Create and verify detached, enveloping and enveloped XML signatures with signed properties — SigningCertificate, SigningTime, SignaturePolicyIdentifier (only SignaturePolicyImplied) and DataObjectFormat — according to XAdES
  • Encryption and decryption
    • Encrypt and decrypt CMS and PKCS#7 enveloped data
    • Encrypt and decrypt S/MIME encrypted data
  • Certificate chain building and validation
    • X.509 certificates according to PKIX using OCSP and CRLs

It requires Java™ 1.4, Java™ 5, Java™ 6 or Java™ 7.

Class or Package Bug / Change / New Feature Description and Examples
Class or Package Bug / Change / New Feature Description and Examples

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