Christmas Releases

Dear customers and friends!

Just before Christmas we are pleased to announce the relase two new  Crypto Toolkits.

The third version of our continuously growing Post Quantum Provider adds the ML-KEM (Kyber) Public-key Encryption and Key-establishment Algorithm.

Our brand new Lightweight Crypto Toolkit implements the NIST and CAESAR awarded Ascon algorithm family offering lightweight authenticated encryption, hashing, and Message Authentication Codes.
Ascon is the result of the excellent research work at IAIK. It has been designed at IAIK and has won the NIST competition for standardizing a lightweight authenticated encryption algorithm suitable for constrained environments.

– IAIK Post Quantum Provider 1.2 (

– IAIK Lightweight Crypto Provider 1.0 (

Please visit our download center ( to get the new versions.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

We are looking forward to hearing from you in the new year!

Kind regards

Your SIC/IAIK Java Security Team!